How To Get Support

IT within the University of Oxford is provided by a number of teams across the University with specialist skills and knowledge in place to supply and support the various services.

Your two main providers of support will be the Gardens & Museum’s IT Team, and the University of Oxford IT Services who fully manage and support the  CONNECT Managed Windows Desktop and Laptop Provision. In the event that any request reaches the incorrect team they will be able to pass on to the correct team or provide relevant guidance on who to contact.


Gardens & Museums IT

As a member of the Gardens & Museums you have the benefit of Local Support from the Gardens & Museums IT Team. We are a small team of IT professionals who provide IT solutions and support exclusively across the Gardens & Museums Estate.

If at any point you find yourself unsure as to who to contact please feel free to reach out to Gardens & Museums IT via, and we can advise, direct or take action as is required.

 01865 (2) 88188


We support the following services:

  • IT advice on the use of computer equipment and software
  • IT Inductions
  • Apple Computing Service and Jamf macOS and iOS Management
  • Email Configuration and Nexus Account Requests
  • Information Security
  • IT Communications
  • Printing
  • Phones and Chorus
  • Network Management, Maintenance and Connection (Wired & Wireless)
  • Discuss upcoming projects, office moves, etc... that require IT input
  • And all other items not detailed as part of CONNECT Service



Paint colours and laptop


IT Services Desktop Services Team - CONNECT Managed Windows Desktop Service

 01865 6 12345


CONNECT is the Managed Windows Desktop Service, offering Windows Computers, Windows Log in and File Server. The CONNECT Service offers a number of benefits to users:

  • You will be able to log in at any managed computer at any building which is part of the CONNECT service
  • Your user experience will be the same when you login from any CONNECT workstation, meaning your desktop will be the same, as will access to your home directory (H:Drive) and your group file shares (O:Drive)
  • Your files will be backed up securely, and your computer will automatically update the Operating System and Antivirus, meaning full security


As CONNECT is fully managed and supported by IT Services, all requests and issues related to the CONNECT Service - or your CONNECT Desktop or Laptop - should be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk via or by calling 01865 (6) 12345.

Examples of such support instances:

  • CONNECT Login, User Account and password problems and queries
  • PC Hardware advice, issues and requests appropriate to CONNECT Computer
  • Software advice, issues and requests appropriate to CONNECT Computer
  • Network File Share access requests and problems
  • Remote Access
  • Printing (from a CONNECT Computer)


The IT Services Service Desk Team will look to resolve the issue, and if unable to do so, will escalate to the Desktop Services Team to investigate and resolve.


Further information 


Who to contact for IT Support – Common Scenarios

There are a number of support scenarios which occur regularly, a number of which have been detailed below, with details of who to contact and how, and any information which may assist in a resolution.


Please either call 12345, or write to the Service Desk ( detailing the Asset Number of your machine.


If for a CONNECT Machine, please follow the guidance for new users and make a ‘Self Service Request’. Please ensure a University Card is in place and a weeks’ notice is given. If its is for an Apple computer, please write to


Please follow the guidance on drive and folder access and create a ‘Self Service Request’ for the permission to be granted.


If you forget your CONNECT login password, it can be reset online or you can alternatively call 12345 for assistance.


Please write to with your requirements. Please give 5 weeks' notice for this requirement.


If you’re a CONNECT user (non-Apple) a number of standard applications can be installed via the ‘Oxford Applications Installer’ within the Programs menu, where all the available applications are detailed.

If the application is not listed or if you’re using an Apple machine, please contact for guidance.

Quick Reference IT Support Contact Table

Issue with a CONNECT computer (too slow, frozen, request to install software, software support, password issues) Service Desk (
Issue with the internet/network connection
Apple Mac computer issue
Creation of a new generic/project Nexus Email account
Delegated access to a Nexus Mailbox (personal or generic) Service Request ( or
New IT Hardware Request
Request access to a File Share/Drive

Service Desk (OSM Self-Service)

Chorus Telephone System or 88188
Adobe & Software Purchases or 88188
New Microsoft Teams Request Service Request ( or